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The Wealthy Barber – bc006

The Wealthy Barber - BookCrossingHello! Thanks for checking in! You’re probably here because you found my copy of The Wealthy Barber someplace…just sitting there, looking lost. I assure you, it’s not lost. It was mine, but I’ve released it to the world so that you and many others can benefit from the wisdom it contains. It’s called BookCrossing and it’s a little project I’ve started.

I’ve read this and many other books on personal finance and they have changed my life. They have opened my eyes to the possibility of true freedom throughout financial independence. I’ve just started this blog (the site you’re on now) to document my journey and to hopefully encourage others to see that they too can escape conventional wisdom – that they can have more than the typical work 9 to 5 until 65.

The book you now have is great. It’s one of my favourites. That’s why I’ve decided to share it. I urge you to read it – and if you’re interested in the idea of freedom through financial independence feel free to poke around my blog as you might find something of interest. Might I suggest learning a bit more about me and my blog. Hopefully you’ll take part in my BookCrossing project by posting a brief travel update in the comment section below. All we’re looking for is a brief note on:

  • Where you found the book (what city and specific location)
  • Whether you read it or plan on reading it?
  • What new idea or key point you’ve taken from the book?
  • And where you left it, or where you plan on leaving it.

Once you’ve read it, or decided it’s not for you – please keep this book traveling by giving it to a friend or leaving it in a public place for someone else. Thanks for check-in and for keeping this book in circulation! I hope to reach 1,000 people by January 1, 2015 with my collection of books. Hopefully you’ll be a part of this little experiment.

UPDATE: Released – February 14, 2014
Happy to say that while the very friendly airport security was checking my bags he saw this copy of the book and asked me if it was good. I said it was fantastic and he told me that his girlfriend was saying she wanted to get a copy but couldn’t. I told him to take it. He was a bit shocked. After declining his offer to buy me a coffee I told him the cost is posting an update on the site. Looking forward to seeing the post. Hope they find as much value in the book as I have!

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