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New Job – New Lifestyle.

New Job, New Lifestyle

The past six weeks have been some of the busiest, most stressful, emotion packed and growth inducing of my life. As I relayed in April, I left my old position and have begun working in my new job. As I noted then, this isn’t just a job change, but a career and a lifestyle change. It hasn’t been easy.

First, I loved the organization I worked for and the people that I worked with. It was a great company – very progressive and had a mission beyond just the creation of profit. Working there I felt like I was part of a greater purpose. This is extremely important to me because if you’re going to spend a third of your short life doing something…it better be meaningful. The people I worked with were pretty great too. I worked within a close-knit team. Beyond just co-workers they were friends, extended family really. Leaving all of this was hard. There were days and even some sleepless nights where I felt waves of panic and dread – “Am I making the right decision? What happens if I hate my new job? What if I dislike the people?”

In addition to leaving my primary job – I had to quit my second job as well. This side hustle was a passion of mine. Not only did it come with a small supplementary income, but it also fed my soul. Again, it was a purpose driven organization that contributed to the betterment of my community. (I suspect you’re seeing a theme here). This was quite difficult as well. But given the new role, I wasn’t able to keep this “side hustle” because it would have placed me into a conflict of interest.

Amongst all of that – Jane I had to begin migrating our accounts to Tangerine. We’re still trying to get everything set up properly. We’ve spent the last 8 years setting up payees, auto transfers, deposits, etc so it takes some time to map everything over. I’ll write more on that later. The reason we’re moving accounts is because the old job come with a unique perk – a partnership with a local credit union whereby employees received free banking (ie no monthly service fees or transaction fees). Once I switched jobs we had to start paying fees. And since we had gotten into the habit of using and, frankly, abusing our free banking privileges – we needed to move our transaction account somewhere where those fees don’t exist. We’ll be keeping our savings and credit accounts with the credit union because they do great work in our community and we want to support them.

Finally, on top of that, I’ve been traveling for three of the last six weeks. Two weeks for business and one week for vacation. I’ve been to Charlottetown, PEI, Las Vegas and then Niagara Falls. More on those in future posts as well. During those trips, under the stress of this big life change, I sort of let my spendthrift side free. I’m feeling a bit guilty about that. Not that Jane and I went crazy…because given the locations, we could have done a lot worse, but we did spend far more than my frugal side finds acceptable. I’m not going to beat myself about it though. It’s done and we had the cash to pay for it. I’m just going to accept it for the blip it was and get back on the financial freedom fighter wagon.

As for the new job, I think everything is going to be okay. It’s new and I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m feeling more comfortable everyday. The people have been great and my commute to work is under 15 minutes, walking! This is one of the major pluses with this new job (amongst many, many others) – I can, and do, walk to work. Not only am I going to save about and hour and half of commute time (my old job was about 50 minutes away by car), but I’m get to save all that gas money. In fact, Jane and I are planning to sell one of our cars. No more insurance, no more maintenance and no more saving for the replacement. According to the average cost of owning a car in Canada is $10,456. Using this nifty ownership cost calculator from CAA, I estimated the cost of owning my car to be $8,052. That’s a cool $8k that I can sink into investments each year!

Because I have an hour and a half of found time, I’ve also been able to restart exercising regularly and returned to my meditation practice. With all the overtime I was putting into my old job and my side hustle – plus my schooling, I had stopped taking care of myself. A few weeks ago I had reached an all-time high, extremely unhealthy, weight. I looked and felt horrible. Walking to work is just part of a new set of habits I plan on building for myself. Eating more sensibly, relieving stress with meditation, and regular exercise are all primary focuses for me right now. With the new job, I expect to dedicate more time to taking better care of myself.

All in all, I think I’ve made the right decision. I’m also looking forward to making more time for this site. I expect to get back into my blogging rhythm going forward.

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  • Minsc

    Great to see things moving along for you. I look forward to hearing more of your story as it unfolds. :)

    • Jack

      Thanks Minsc. I’ve had to dramatically reduce the amount of time invested in my blog as of late. But hoping to get back to at least posting weekly. More to come!