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Monthly Progress Report January 2014

Progress Report – January 2014

Well, one month into 2014 and time to evaluate my progress. Now, to be fair, I just finished deciding on my 2014 goals last week – so progress has been very slow. No excuses though, I’m committed to achieving my goals and the key to any successful project is honest and regular progress reports. Financial […]

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My Goals for 2014

My Goals for 2014

Up until this point in my life I’ve not really been an effective goal setter. Don’t get me wrong, I have had ambitions, dreams, wants, desires and wishes…just not a lot of goals. When I say goals – I really mean SMART goals (Specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). I mean the sort of goals that […]

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Tips for Breaking Spending Habits

5 Tips for Breaking the Spending Habit

Humans are creatures of habit. No matter how much we like to think of ourselves as in control and aware of our actions, we are all dependent on the autopilot built into our minds. It’s an evolutionary design that has helped us cope with the complexity of our environment. Our senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, […]

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You need HOW much to Retire?

You Need HOW Much to Retire?

On my business trip this week a group of colleagues and were forced to extend our stay due to inclement weather. With little to do and no where to go, we congregated at the hotel lounge for a free drink and appetizers (a promotion the hotel was having). Even though I know I should avoid […]

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Working Class Hero - John Lennon

A Working Class Hero is Something to Be

John Lennon, one of my favorite artists of all time, wrote Working Class Hero, one of my favorite songs of all time. In Working Class Hero, Lennon calls out the social, political and economic institutions that have been put into place to sustain the system and maintain the status quo. The song points to how […]

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