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Progress Report – January 2014

Monthly Progress Report January 2014

Well, one month into 2014 and time to evaluate my progress. Now, to be fair, I just finished deciding on my 2014 goals last week – so progress has been very slow. No excuses though, I’m committed to achieving my goals and the key to any successful project is honest and regular progress reports.


  • I’ve started to develop the monthly tracking system I will use for plotting my progress towards early retirement. It’s a big of a hybrid system, but I think it will work great. I’m currently collecting and populating the spreadsheet. I hope to post the results very soon.


  • I’ve done absolutely nothing in this area. I expect to get started on the rental reno project next week. The work around the house likely won’t start until summer.

  • Since launching the site I’ve posted at least two entries per week. So far I’m on track here.
  • In terms of traffic, I had 362 pageviews in January (launched January 17th). Slow start, as expected. I have very little in the way of content. It will take months to build up some momentum here…I’m in it for the long haul.
  • I had 22 twitter followers by the end of January. Again with little content to share and not a limitless time to spend engaging –  this will be a long process. I expect this will be my most challenging goals for the site.
  • I have one, lovely, lovely human being who has decided to subscribe to my RSS feed. I don’t know you – but I love you.


  • Not a lot of progress here other than to say that the course I’m currently taking for my masters is kicking my behind. Wow….just an insane amount of work for this class. More than all the others I’ve taken. This is in part why I’m not as active on twitter as I wanted to be. Looking forward to being done the class in April.


  • I’ve made very little progress here too. No reading, no kayaking, no meditating, no exercising, BUT I have started organizing the next fundraiser for my charity. I’ve secured most of the key sponsors from last year with only two more go. So, I haven’t totally dropped the ball in this area.

Okay – so this was likely not the most interesting post for you…but if you’re still reading this post – THANK YOU for being part of my accountability and social pressure committee. It’s critical to check-in regularly and assess progress. I promise that these will get far more interesting over the next few months…even if it kills me (which I’m about 62% sure the exercise goal will do).

If you’ve set goals for yourself in 2014 – how are you doing so far?

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  • Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

    Jack, you’re doing great so far. As far as blogging, keep on producing content and networking like you are and the readers will come. We started in January of last year and are really starting to kick it on readership now. If you really love blogging and are eager to help others, you’ll do just fine. :-)

    • Jack

      Ah, thanks Laurie! I appreciate the support and advice. I am enjoying everything about blogging – I love the idea of building something from scratch!

  • debtfreeoneday

    Good luck with achieving your goals in 2014 Jack! As Laurie mentioned, keep going with the content and networking is really important. My blog is doing ok but I need to keep building on everything and this is one of my goals for 2014 too.

    • Jack

      Thanks Hayley! So much to learn and do…sometimes it can be overwhelming. Where to begin! It’s lots of work but oh, so much fun. :)
      BTW – I really enjoyed your piece on regret, very well done!

  • Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter

    I echo the sentiments of the other commenters – you are doing great. Keep commenting on blogs, networking with other bloggers and posting regularly and you will be able to build your site up in no time.

    • Jack

      Thanks Daisy! Solid advice. I’m going to keep calm and blog on. :)