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Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

It has been more that a month since I last haunted these digital pages. Oh how I’ve missed it, but my time away was necessary. In the beginning of March, I realized that I was a bit over my head. Between, school, my two jobs and the fundraiser I was planning for my charity, there was simply more work then there was time to accomplish.

School Kicking My A$$

By mid-March I found myself failing to meet school deadlines and my marks began to tank. If I was going to survive, I had to step away from my beloved blog. It was an extremely stressful time and I’m still not through it yet. Unfortunately with the poor marks I received for that short period, my final grade may be too low and I may be force to retake the class. Not that it would be the end of the world, but it would add four more months on to my studies and cost another $1,000. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. Even if I do pass, it won’t be with the A I was shooting for. I’m pretty sure my school work will be the death of me. Sigh.

Half Way to My 2014 Fundraising Goal

So while I await the judgment of my professor – let me tell you about all the good news. First the fundraiser dinner I planned and coordinated raised $10,000 for my special charity. It was a crazy amount of work over a period of 3 months, but what a pay off! This charity is very dear to me as it’s one that I helped to start in memory of a loved one who passed away. It is always a very emotional time for me. I’m joyous at the results and crushed by the reminder that my loved one is gone. One day, I’ll be strong enough to share this story with you all. With $10,000 raised, I have $10,000 more to bring in to reach my 2014 goal. I’m thrilled by this result.

New Job – Bigger Salary, Less Expenses, Deeper Purpose

In other news, I have a new job. Not just a new job, but a new career. I’m in the process of negotiating my new contract with this new firm which I hope to complete next week. I’ll start my new role in a month. Needless to say I can’t tell you WHAT and WHERE this new job is; I can tell you however that in four short weeks I will be a chief executive, will earn over 40% more and will be able to walk to work every day. This is a life altering turn of events. From a personal finance perspective, this new job has it all. Not only will I earn ridiculously more money, but my work expenses will drop substantially. I’m going to sell my car and be rid of all the costs. No more gas, no more insurance, no more maintenance and no more saving for its replacement. On top of all of this, the job comes with a defined benefit pension (my old job had a defined contribution pension). But this isn’t the best part….

No, the best part is the fact that this new job is in a field for which I am extremely passionate. It’s not just a job, but an opportunity to be challenged while doing work that benefits people – that makes a difference.  Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do today, but I’m really going to love the new work.

There is one big downside though. I’ll have to quit my second job. I can’t do both. So the financial upside is slightly diminished for the short-term as I have to forgo that addition income. Not too worry though, the new salary more than makes up for the loss. Plus, I may pick up a new side gig later.

Hold On – The Ride Is Just Starting!

Over the next month, I’ll be wrapping up things at my current place of employment. I’ll be sad to leave. This place, the work and the people around me have become such an important part of my life. It’s hard to think about not going there anymore.

It was hard to break the news to my boss. The boss has been a mentor for me and I’ve learned so much from them – but I can’t let this opportunity pass-me-by just because I’m comfortable. Even the significant raise and promotion I was offered couldn’t make me give this up.

Lots of changes are coming – and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Photo Credit: Leap of Faith by Justin De La Ornellas

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  • J. Money

    Congrats man! Such BIG news going on in your world, wow… Not so much in the school one, but hey – can’t be a rock star in all areas 24/7, right?

    Glad to see you back here. Hopefully things calm down for a while and you can enjoy working, hustling, and blogging in a stress-free environment.

    Have a blessed Easter over there, brotha.

    • Jack

      Thanks J. The new job should relieve some of that “structural” stress I’ve created. Having to give up the second job will give me sometime to re-evaluate my time and priorities. Saving the 1.5 hours of commute time will also go a long way to improving my quality of life.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter as well.

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  • Minsc

    Sounds like an awesome one step back and three steps forward to me!

    One thing we all learn is there’s only so much time in a day. Picking up on interest means we have to reduce time with or give up another. While I’d love to play Minecraft twelve hours in a day (yes I’ve done it) there are more pressing matters in my life to attend to. Right now I feel like i’m in an upswing after being in a bit of a lull period. The thought of getting my blog up and out there is putting me on a bit of a high.

    Anyways, you keep on storming forward Jack. I look forward to hopefully catching up to you some day. :)

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