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Weekly Reading Roundup – February 3, 2014

Weekly Reading Roundup - February 3, 2014

Another extremely busy week has gone by. I can’t believe it’s already time to be posting another reading list. It feels like I just posted one. I was exposed to a lot of great reading this week…and some not so great reading. I’ve come across some fun and interesting posts on the web only a taste of which I’ve shared with you below. Offline, I’ve been forced to read a number of pretty dry and inexcusably long and verbose academic pieces for my school work.  I think all academics should have to take creative writing classes and, as a condition to having their papers published,  should be forced to read their work to a panel of gifted bloggers – who, at their discretion, can send an electric shock through the academic’s body for poorly written sentences.  Ahh…I think there’s a reality TV show in there somewhere….at the very least a video podcast.

Here’s some great stuff I’ve read this week – hope you enjoy. Have a great week!

(Ending it as we began, my last recommendation is from Jim Collins’ blog. After reading Johnny Moneyseed’s interview – I just had to learn more about this man. After finding this next post, I have to tell you – I’m committed to reading the whole damn blog)


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