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Welcome to See Jack Save

Yacht and Beach - My retirement happy placeSo this is my first official post. As Lao-tzu said – the journal of 1000 miles begins with a single step. This first post represents my first step in to the world of personal blogging. I don’t anticipate doing to much promotion of the site until I have a few posts prepared – so it’s unlikely that too many people will read this.

I’m not entirely sure what shape and form this blog will take. I don’t want to over plan this. I expect the blog to change and evolve over time, organically and aligned with the changes I implement in my life. As I say in my About page, this site will document the transition of my life from the consumerist, externally defined life that I have been living into something very different. Documenting this journey will serve two purposes. One, it forces me to think about it…constantly. Maintaining the blog and developing ideas for new content will be motivation for me to continue this adventure. The blog is also an accountability mechanism. The more it’s read by others – the more interaction I have with my readers, the more likely I am to keep on this path. Motivation and accountability are extremely important factors for any “change” project. This is even more true when the change you are trying to create runs counter to the social norms and the expectations of the people you trust.

The blog is also an effort to contribute. To add value to others – namely you. Over the past two years I have learned much from those people who have decided to live differently and blog about it. They have contributed my value into my life and I hope that I can pay this benefit forward but publishing my own journal. Here are just a few sites that have been the most inspiring to me:

Early Retirement Extreme
Mr Money Mustache
Canadian Dream Free at 45

If you do see this – please check out other articles as this one is likely not very exciting for you. Checkout some other posts, leave a comment, and come back again. I hope you will choose to become a regular. Welcome to See Jack Save.

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  • Guest

    Congratulations on standing up your blog! I look forward to visiting often and seeing what you have to share. Stay savvy, my friend.

  • SavvyJames

    Congratulations! I’m sure you will have a lot of great information and a unique perspective to share.

    • Jack

      Thanks James! Still very new for me – but I’m really enjoying it. Great creative outlet and a really interesting community to be a part of. I’m really enjoying the exchange with like-minded people. Thanks for stopping by. Stay savvy! :)